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The Empty Chair : Democrat Presidential hopefuls in Florida.

Check this out.

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Presidential Hopefuls Hit Florida Next

We have all read the wrap-ups from the Dearborn debate and pundits are turning their attention to Florida next. The Republican Party of Florida is hosting Presidency 4, a convention-style grassroots rally, in Orlando next weekend and the activities culminate in a FOX News debate on Sunday afternoon.

Top-tier candidates are expected to attend events on Saturday afternoon and address P4 attendees.

Learn more about the events and debate RPOF Presidency 4


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Charlie Crist continues to impress

Governor Charlie CristA slew of articles today that demostrates Governor Crist is delivering for the state of Florida and its not just lip service.

The Associated Press writes about Crist’s outreach to minorities. Click here to read about Crist’s work with the African American community and record election numbers.

Crist is also rolling up his sleeves to tackle the property tax issue. Read an article from the St. Petersburg Times here.

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DNC’s Dean Visits Tallahassee

DNC Chair Howard Dean was in Tallahassee Tuesday evening for a $100 a plate fundraiser while candidates are holding fast to a DNC ban on visiting the state– unless it is a fundraiser.

Dean met with reporters before his fundraiser and tried to explain himself– while dodging reporter’s questions.  Listen to an exchange with The Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo.

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Crist Works Property Tax Deal

Governor Crist is taking a leading role in the latest tax talks.  It looks like he is determined to  make good on a campaign promise to lower taxes.  Read the latest from the St. Pete Times.

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On the chopping block — Crist and Legislature look at budget

The start of special session should bring some fireworks in the Capital City.  Here is a sample of news articles this morning: Tallahassee Democrat, Associated Press, St. Pete Times and Miami Herald.

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